Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tiger Tube

I have added a new addition our technology resources.  The site is called TigerTube, and from the name you can probably assume it's a YouTube knockoff.  You would be correct in this assumption.  There is two purposes for this site.  The first is a place for teachers to place videos that they want their students to be able to access.  It is a very easy process to download a video off of youtube, then reupload to this site.  This would provide a non-blocked, safe place for students to view educational content.

The second use, is what I am most excited about.  My goal is for this site to be a place where students can submit videos of content that they have created, either for class, or just something they have done on their own.  Many of our students have done work they should be proud of and this is a great place to show it off.

I encourage you to submit your own videos, or give assignments (possibly extra credit) for quality student created content.